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Humanity advertising campaign with UAnimals

Bigmedia company has always defended the idea of the humanity and moral. Because every developed society begins from the careful attitude to all life. The campaign organized jointly with UAnimals draws the attention to the widespread problem of the exploitation of animals for the photos in common locations. The images, which permit to make photos with monkey, pony or pigeon perfectly safe, appeared at our city-lights and bus shelters in 14 cities of Ukraine

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2021 year

Unique geometry. UniqueUA

The project dedicated to the unique Ukraine reveals this time the angles of various location and demonstrates the geometric shapes aesthetic. Bigmedia (BigBoard Ukraine group) placed at bus shelters, on boards, city-lights and digital panels the incredible photos of the Rose Lake in Kherson region, Pamir stations, Sinevir Lake, Podillya fields and many other photos and videos of the Ukrainer project. The development of the civil aviation permits today go up to the sky easily to see the Earth from the plane meanwhile the improvement of quadcopters permits to shoot bird's-eye every corner of the globe. Look for the Unique Geometry in the best out of home locations of Ukraine.

                   . uniqueua

350 Number of units

2021 year

                   . uniqueua

The placement of photos of missing children on the boards and citylights for “Magnolia”

“When a child disappears, the world is destroying” - this is how “Magnolia” messages usually start. “Magnolia” is a service which has been looking for missing children for 20 years in Ukraine, and more recently throughout Europe. Big Media is honored to support this initiative on such an important path. The placement of information on boards, citylights and bus shelters throughout Ukraine has yielded a result. Thanks to outdoor advertising, 18 children have already returned home.


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2021 year

#THROUGH THE CODES OF HAPPINESS: a point of contact for art, advertising and urbanism.

BigMedia Company (BigBoard Ukraine / JCDecaux) and IZOLYATSIA Cultural Initiatives Foundation presented a new art-project in a public space. Site-specific installation #THROUGH THE CODES OF HAPPINESS placed in Kiev at bus shelters in February-March 2019 is an object of modern art, taken out of the art gallery into the public space of the city. The winner of the competition according to the results of the popular vote became the project #THROUGH THE CODES OF HAPPINESS by Maxim Finogeev, the artist from Odessa, who performed his artworks in the technique of Ukrainian folk art of vytynanka. The artist combined traditions and modernity – the cut out patterns of vytynanka that Ukrainians have used to decorate their homes and typical pictures from a photo bank, showing smiling, happy.

Happiness codes zyujlzr

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2019 year

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#uniqueUA@bigmedia: outdoor photo-gallery of unique places of Ukraine appeared on the streets of Kyiv

In March 2019, on the streets of Kyiv appeared boards and mupies with the images of unique parts of Ukraine, which are truly impressive. #uniqueUA@bigmedia - Unique Ukraine – this is the new outdoor art project, created by BigMedia company (BigBoard Ukraine / JCDecaux). This is a beautiful project in which we want to show how much our country is incredible, unusual and diverse, to show places that have not been seen yet, which are still “undistorted” and retain their natural beauty and originality. Viaducts in Vorokhta, cosmic beauty of the Spytzi Mountains, the pearl of Zalishchiky or the fantastic landscape with oil pumping station in the Carpathians - Ukraine has a lot of places to travel and to discover.


150 Number of units

2019 year


"Points of Unity" Art Project

"Points of Unity" is a social art project implemented by BigMedia (BigBoard Ukraine) with IZOLYATSIA Cultural Initiatives Platform, which combines the unique creative idea of Danish artists Sophie Hesselholdt and Vibeke Mejlvang and the possibilities of contemporary outdoor advertising as an art object. In the original drawings of the Danish artists, the two colors of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow, are symbolically combined in the third, green color - the color of life, hope, future, which together with the main message of the project - "Let’s look for points of Unity" - creates a deeply philosophical art-object that calls for action and motivates to think about the main thing; e.g. about the world in which we want to live, about which future we dream, about the value of mutual understanding and relationships between people, about responsibility for our own happy life and the future that we create right now, every moment.

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2018 year

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#BigBoardMeetingPoint: Norman Foster's outdoor furniture at ATLAS Weekend

On July 3-8, as a partner of the festival, BigMedia company (BigBoard Ukraine Group/JCDecaux) presented a modern line of outdoor furniture at ATLAS Weekend - the largest music event in Eastern Europe, which is annually visited by hundreds of thousands spectators. To ensure that the guests of the festival could easily find each other and not to be lost in such a crowded event, a special platform was created (the “bus shelter” and information pavilion) - #BigBoardMeetingPoint - a comfortable and functional meeting place. #BigBoardMeetingPoint has become, in its own way, a unique location for the festival. The platform itself and all its components were created from outdoor furniture (comfortable “bus shelter”, information panels) by the legendary British architect Norman Foster - a man, whose design has changed the face of many cities all over the world, from Paris to New York, and which is now represented in Ukraine - BigBoard Ukraine has been implementing outdoor furniture projects for over six years in Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

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2018 year

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A Radically Better Tomorrow: the Danish creative duo Hesselholdt & Mejlvang published a book featuring the first Ukrainian art project in ooh advertising "Points of Unity".

"A Radically Better Tomorrow" - this is the title of a new book by the Danish artistic duo Sofie Hesselholdt and Vibeke Majlvang (Hesselholdt & Mejlvang), which was presented at the end of February 2019 in Copenhagen. This is already the third book of the Hesselholdt & Mejlvang creative publications series, based on interviews recorded in September 2018. The artists themselves say that this is an "intimate" book that slightly opens the curtain of the creative process. It reflects their artistic vision and world outlook, and, focusing on sketches and ideas, shows the lively boiling energy of artistic process, which is usually hidden from public. The key idea of the book is an interest to a person who lives in a complex political reality, and the idea of art as a material language that can influence and change the world. This is what stimulate and inspires the artistic duo. This idea unites all sections of the book and all art projects of artists with the one main meaning. And one of the projects that clearly portrays this view of art and its main purpose, is the social project "Points of Unity", implemented by Sofie Hesselholdt and Vibeke Majlvang together with BigMedia and Izolyatsia Cultural Initiative Platform in winter 2018 in Kyiv. It was the “Points of Unity”, which combined the original artistic idea of Danish artists and the possibilities of modern outdoor advertising. It became the first outdoor art-object in Ukraine and reflected the idea that the art transferred to public space becomes not only an artistic work, but also a social statement that can influence, change and inspire, addressing society directly on the streets of cities, from usual billboards and mupies. Sofie Hesselholdt and Vibeke Majlvang were particularly interested in this combination of outdoor advertising and art, in transformation of streets into a kind of gallery and advertising objects - into the means of social communication. The "Points of Unity" philosophy were in the unity of diversity and the combination of opposites, which together create true beauty and strength. Hesselholdt & Mejlvang felt it was important to show and convey this idea as the most relevant for modern Ukrainian society. In the original idea of Danish artists, the combination of two colors of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow, to the third, the green color - the color of life, hope and future - is extremely symbolic and together with the main message of the project - "Let’s look for points of Unity" - created a deeply philosophical art-object. It motivated to think about the most important things; about the world we want to live in, future we dream about and how much mutual understanding value. As the project teaser, in Kyiv, the original watercolor paintings of Danish artists - a combination of yellow and blue together - were placed on the advertising constructions of BigMedia. The next stage - the disclosure of the essence and main messages of the project, took place in early February 2018 - in Kyiv appeared canvas with the text, as well as an official party-presentation with the participation of the authors of the idea. For BigMedia, participation in the "Points of Unity" project has become a very interesting experience. Following the principles of social responsibility of business, this project has given an opportunity to focus on the importance of outdoor advertising’ social component, on its capabilities as a communication tool, presenting advertising media as an art-object and harmonious component of the modern city environment. And this proves that a conscious and responsible attitude towards one's professional activity, a creative approach and a socially important goal can indeed create a Radically Better Future. Hesselholdt & Mejlvang web-site:

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2018 year

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Change one life

Підтримуємо всеукраїнський проект з пошуку родин для чудових дітлахів


150 Number of units

2017 year

Constructions mockup

Stop corruption

In support of the anti-corruption campaign led by TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL.

Corupziya foto

300 Number of units

2016 year


Map me happy

A unique “happy urban geography” project was developed and presented by CANactions and EGEA within the TANDEM* program in 2014-2015. BigMedia actively promoted the project through OOH-advertising


62 Number of units

2016 year

Map me happy

It’s time to live for Ukraine!

Showing support of the Revolution of Dignity Museum on the streets.

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70 Number of units

2016 year

25 svobodi

Missing Children Service

One of the best known social initiatives which returned each year to families for 20 children.

Bm back

200 Number of units

2010 year

Bb childrens

Ukraine, Kiev
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